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Birthdate:Aug 19
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Interests (146):, alt.polyamory, anarchism, anarcho-feminism, androgyny, archaeology, architecture, astrology, astronomy, avebury, bdsm, bicon, bisexuality, books, butch, calendars, chance, chariot, chess, chrystos, colour, conversation, costume, cult of luna, dance, daria, diy publishing, doctors of madness, dowsing, drag, dykes, earth, eccentricity, edward gorey, energy-weather, enjy-benjy, faerie, fairy lights, fallow deer, fantasy, fat liberation, fatdykes, feminism, femme, ferron, fiction, fire, fluffkittens, from the flames, ginger beer, glow-in-the-dark, gossip, greenham common, half man half biscuit, history, hothead paisan, irc, irreverence, isis, judy grahn, kate allen, kathy burke, labyrinths, lacuna coil, land, language, lesbians, lois mcmaster bujold, maenads, magic, malvern hills, maps, melvins, michelmas daisies, mogwai, moon, mr scruff, multiplicity, music, mysteries, nine ladies, numbers, oak trees, octavia e butler, opeth, orbital, owls, paganism, patterns, pelican, percussion, politics, polyamory, porcupine tree, post rock, power, printing, purple-sprouting broccoli, queer culture, queer pagan camp, queeruption, radical thinkers, ratbag scruffy femmes, roads, royksopp, salt, sarcasm, science fiction, sculpture, sex, sex toys, shamanism, sigur ros, silbury hill, singing, size acceptance, sleeping, sm,, sound, spirals, spirit of place, spirituality, steven brust, switch, talking, tarot, temporary worlds, textile art, theories, thunderstorms, tom lehrer, trance, transgender, underworld, ursula le guin, usenet, wands, weirdness, west kennet, witch, women, words, writing, yew trees, zines
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